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[Feature films, short films, adverts, animation, television]

From feature films to advertisements, I offer a first class screenwriting service tailored to the requirements of the project. Recognised by The Academy as being in the top 10% of screenwriters worldwide, I can promise truly high quality work. With considerable attention paid to production opportunities and, where necessary, limitations, I work with the production team rather than against them. Ultimately, the goal is to provide on the page precisely what you want to see on the screen.


[Feature films, short films, advertisements, animation, television]

If your project is already at a draft stage I am happy to come on board to edit or consult on it. I have a broad understanding of genres and storytelling structures, and can offer comprehensive feedback on all types of project. Feedback can be in any form you like, from formal script reports to notations on your script. I am happy to offer meetings in person in Kent and London, or via Skype if you are further afield.


[Treatments, pitch documents, pitches, crowdfunding, distribution material]

I am happy to join your project at any stage to support your general copywriting and pitching requirements. From tailoring treatments and pitching documents to writing copy for crowdfunding and distribution materials, I am able to help you to shape your project for your chosen audience. I also offer support in designing pitches, specifically choosing your audience, thinking realistically about your project within the budget, adapting your pitch for the body it is intended for, and putting together material for you to pitch with. I can also coach you in preparation for pitching sessions.

Concessionary waivers are available to students and low-budget projects.

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